About Cell Phone Watch

What is a Cell Phone Watch.

A cell phone watch lets you make phone calls and even video calls. The cell phone watch will also send text messages, browse the internet, manage email and use voice commands to navigate the cell phone. Using a cell phone watch will probably make you feel like James Bond or a character from Star Trek.

Cell Phone Watch Features.

What features do you want on you cell phone watch? There are many to choose from and they include touch screen interaction, speaker phone, microphone, bluetooth technology, sms text messaging, email, internet web browsing, mp3 and mp4 music players, voice commands, voice activated typing, video conferencing and calendars.

Cell Phone Watch Voice Calls: Make telephone calls with the cell phone watch. You can use the speaker phone or bluetooth earpiece for voice calls. The quality of the voice calls varies depending on the cell phone watch microphone and speakers, as well as the wireless network carrier.

Cell Phone Watch Voice Mail: Manage and listed to voice mail with the cell phone watch. You can use speech recognition to call your voice mail in an instant.

Cell Phone Watch Touch Screen: The touch screen technology for each cell phone watch varies on the watch screen and capabilities. You can use your finger and on others you use a stylus pen. The latest touch screen use the same touch screen swiping motions as the iphone and other macintosh products.

Cell Phone Watch Speakers: Speaker volume and quality depends on the cell phone watch manufacturer. In general the sound is pretty good but if not, you can always use the bluetooth headset.

Cell Phone Watch Bluetooth Technology: Most cell phone watches use bluetooth technology so users may have a private conversation and good quality sound. The bluetooth device pairs with the watch phone for seamless use between speakerphone and bluetooth.

Cell Phone Watch Microphone: The integrated microphone picks up on your voice and filters out background noises to ensure best quality.

Cell Phone Watch SMS Text Messaging: SMS Text message with the cell phone watch keypad or with speech recognition voice commands.

Cell Phone Watch Email: Get email online though POP, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange services. The email inbox has folders and reply/forward options.

Cell Phone Watch Internet Web Browsing: Search the internet with the cell phone watch web browser.

Cell Phone Watch Media Player: Use the media player to listen to MP 3 and MP 4 audio files. Play the songs through the speakerphone or bluetooth headset.

Cell Phone Watch Voice Command and Speech Recognition: Command your phone with your voice. The speech recognition feature removes problems that may occur when trying to type on a small screen.

Cell Phone Watch Video Calls: Use forward facing video cameras to have real-time video calls with voice. This is a really cool feature.

Cell Phone Watch Calendar: Keep track of your events with the cell phone watch calendar. You can view by month or day and see the details for each event.

Cell Phone Watch Contacts: Store hundreds of contacts on the cell phone watch with the built-in memory or memory card.

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