Cell Phone Watches

Cell Phone Watches

Geek gadgetry has met sophisticated style, and the result is beautiful: cell phone watches. Cell phone watches, once the domain of popular science fiction films and the occasional wayward daydream, are now living realities. Fusing 21st century functionality with timeless fashion, these tremendous watches are more than accessories; cell phone watches are answers to the modern busy-bee lifestyle.

A New and Exciting Trend

Cell phone watches debuted during the early 2000s. Recent, cutting-edge technology has refined these once bulky creations into svelte masterpieces. And everywhere, cell phone watches are being noticed.

Musicians and corporate businesspersons rarely share the same fashion. Yet cell phone watches are rapidly bridging the style gap between social cliques. They fit across-the-board needs.

Popular musicians have been spotted sporting their new favorite accessory. Like the classy business card and suit, the cell phone watch is becoming the next compulsory addition to every businessperson's wardrobe. Fashion pundits have noted that cell phone watches are one of the top-notch, cutting-edge fashion trends for 2010. Athletes appreciate the versatility of a cell phone that can be taken anywhere without hassle. Across the world, cell phone watches are tremendously popular in Europe and Eastern Asia, especially in Japan. People are realizing that cell phone watches are, in a word, "hip." And sometimes, there's just no way to dam the river.

After a cursory examination of cell phone watches, it is obvious why people are becoming so obsessed with these devices. They have the physical design of a watch and the capabilities of a cell phone. Nearly the same size as traditional watches, they are worn just the same as their traditional counterparts. When not in use, the phone's screen looks like a normal watch and can be either digital or analog. Many cell phone watches have a small keypad along the wristband for easy navigation. But it's when the phone is in use that the cell phone watch really shines.

The Phone in the Watch

Cell phone watches may be locked or unlocked. Locked phones require a specific carrier and/or plan, while unlocked cell phone watches require an SIM card and carrier.

When calling, cell phone watches utilize a headset with built-in Bluetooth technology. These state-of-the-art headsets can be hands-free or an earbud with microphone. Also, as the headphone jacks are universally sized, there are hundreds of possible headsets from which to choose.

But cell phone watches are much more than phones. They have many of the capabilities of modern-day "Smartphones." Most cell phone watches not only have a small keypad for navigation, but also a touch screen, usable by finger and/or stylus. They are capable of both SMS and MMS text messaging, using either the keypad or touch-screen. Along with basic amenities such as radio, alarms and dozens of ringtones, cell phone watches may also have MicroSD card slots, Wi-Fi 3G/4G internet capability, music players capable of playing WMA/Mp3/Mp4 files, Bluetooth technology, cameras with flash and video recording.

But that's not all. Many cell phone watches are waterproof and weather-resistant. Others have built-in GPS and other navigational systems. Others have security and tracking systems to protect them from theft. Some have voice-command systems and some have handwriting-recognition software, allowing for online signatures. Some watches store up to 4GB of internal memory – that's over 60,000 images worth of information or hundreds of thousands of pages. These are not simply cute gadgets, but state-of-the-art products comparable to any premium traditional watch or cell phone.

Benefits of Cell Phone Watches

Any cell phone owner knows the pitiable anxiety and anger when losing a phone. Hours spent searching under couch seats and piles of to-do laundry are far from fun. But this can all be forgotten. Cell phone watches are either on a hand or on a nearby nightstand, making them much more difficult to lose. Plus, when playing sports or traveling, having a cell phone watch just "disappear" – as regular cell phones are apt to do – is nearly impossible.

Think that all cell phone watches reek of technology? Think again. For customers preferring a more traditional or laidback look, cell phone watches come in a gamut of designs, colors and sizes. Many appear nearly identical to traditional premium watches, built with lustrous stainless steel or garnished leather wristbands. But others shouldn't fear. Many cell phone watches revel in their technophilic passions and display all sorts of engineering frivolities. For every possible fashion desire, there is a cell phone watch.

Have you missed calls? Slept past alarms? But with cell phone watches, missing a call or alarm is quite a feat. Both vibration and sound settings are hard to ignore when the sound or movement is emanating right from the wrist. Don't miss a call again with a cell phone watch.

Of course, cell phone watches are much more functional and versatile than regular cell phones. Traditional phones need to be carried in a pants pocket or purse, quite a challenge for anyone not wearing slacks or carrying a gigantic handbag. Cell phones watches eliminate the need for these cumbersome accessories. Just wear it on the wrist and be relaxed.

Cell phone watches can generally be found online. They are manufactured by highly reputable phone and technology companies, such as LG, HTC, Sony, Fortaleza, Suave, and more. Here at CellPhoneWatch.com, quality cell phone watches can be purchased through one of our affiliates or, starting December 2010, purchased directly from our site.

The Shopping List

When shopping for a cell phone watch, consider the following criteria.

What is the watch phone made from? Perennial favorite materials include stainless steel and aluminum alloys. Certain types of metal, however, such as nickel, may be irritating to certain people's skin. Cell phone watches are often crafted out of premium titanium, a durable, lightweight material that may actually improve skin health. Choose a watch built from quality materials and fashioned in a durable design.

What features must the cell phone watch have? Some users may want video streaming capability; others just want to call and text. Make a roster of required features and a list of preferred features and shop accordingly.

Fit the wrist, fit the need. And the needs are many: calling, texting, navigation, e-mail, etc. But now, for the first time, all these needs can be fulfilled by a single avant-garde device: the cell phone watch. So whether musician, investor or jogger, start thinking about your needs. Then think of how to solve them. Then go measure your wrist and buy a cell phone watch.

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